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Welcome to the
Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel

The Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC) is responsible for drafting and publishing Queensland legislation.

OQPC is a statutory office, established to ensure—

  • Queensland legislation is of the highest standard
  • Queensland has an effective and efficient legislative drafting service
  • Queensland legislation, and information about legislation, is published and readily available to the public.

OQPC drafts Bills for introduction into the Legislative Assembly, amendments to Bills that are being considered by the Assembly, and subordinate legislation such as regulations and proclamations.

OQPC drafts all new laws and changes to laws proposed by the Government. As well, we work with individual members of Parliament to draft Bills, and amendments to Bills, for the member to take to the Assembly.

We are also responsible for publishing Queensland’s laws. The office maintains the Queensland Legislation website on which the authorised, up-to-date version of Queensland legislation is published.

Other services we provide to government agencies include training on how to work with us to draft legislation and how to use the Queensland Legislation website.

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OQPC’s drafters work with government policy officers to develop legislation for the Queensland Government. Our drafters also work with individual members of Parliament and their staff to prepare legislation for the members to introduce into Parliament.

An instructing officer’s role is to develop the policy objectives of a legislative proposal and to prepare drafting instructions that describe the proposal. The drafter then works with the instructor to translate the drafting instructions into legally effective legislation that implements the policy.

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Laws are the formal rules that govern our behaviour as members of society.

Queensland legislation, or statute law, is the law that is made by, or under the authority of, our principal law-making body, the Parliament of Queensland. Laws proposed for consideration by the Parliament are called Bills. If agreed to, a Bill becomes an Act that forms part of Queensland’s law.

Parliament also delegates aspects of its law-making function to other entities, in particular, the Governor in Council. Subordinate legislation is made under this delegated power. The most common form of subordinate legislation is regulations.

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OQPC was established as a statutory office by the Legislative Standards Act 1992 on 1 June 1992.

OQPC consists of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel and the staff of OQPC. The Parliamentary Counsel is the chief executive of OQPC and, subject to the Minister (the Premier and Minister for the Olympic and Paralympic Games), controls the office.

Our staff is employed under the Public Sector Act 2022 and is comprised of legislative drafters (who are all lawyers), editing and publishing officers, and business services staff who provide IT, finance and administration services.

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