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The Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC) is responsible for drafting laws for Queensland. 

OQPC drafts Bills (which are proposed laws to be introduced into the Queensland Parliament), amendments to Bills that are being considered by the Parliament, and a range of subordinate legislation.

Government Bills, amendments to Bills, and subordinate legislation

OQPC drafts all new laws, and changes to the law, proposed by the Government. This includes—

  • Bills to be introduced into the Queensland Parliament by Government Ministers
  • amendments to Bills being considered by the Parliament that are to be proposed by Government Ministers
  • a range of subordinate legislation, such as regulations, proclamations and notices.

A Bill may be prepared to be a new stand-alone Act, such as the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001, or an amendment Act. An amendment Act may amend one or more pieces of existing legislation.

Private members' Bills and amendments to Bills

Any member of Parliament may ask OQPC to draft a Bill for the member to introduce into the Parliament, or amendments for the member to propose to another Bill being considered by the Parliament.

A Bill or amendment that is prepared for an individual member of Parliament, rather than for the Government, is referred to as private member legislation.

OQPC drafts private member Bills and amendments for members of the Opposition and other non-Government members of Parliament.