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In force legislation (Reprints)


A reprint is a version of Queensland legislation that shows the legislation as it is in force on a particular date. OQPC produces reprints for all Acts and items of subordinate legislation that are in force.

Reprints of legislation are published on the Queensland Legislation website as in force legislation.

A new reprint of an Act or subordinate legislation is prepared for each date the legislation changes. Each reprint consolidates the changes made to the legislation, including amendments or the expiry or repeal of provisions, as at the date of the reprint. The reprint date is clearly displayed on the status information page of in force legislation published on the Queensland Legislation website. In a PDF version of in force legislation, the reprint date is clearly shown on the cover and in the footer of each page.

All reprints published on the Queensland Legislation website from 2013 are authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel. An authorised reprint of a law can be relied on as correctly showing that law as it is in force on the reprint date.

Before 2013, only reprints printed by the Government Printer were authorised versions.