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Authorised legislation

Legislation authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel

All Bills, Acts as passed, subordinate legislation as made and in force legislation (reprints) published on the Queensland Legislation website from 2013 are authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel under the Legislative Standards Act 1992 (see section 10A).

Authorised legislation is legally presumed to correctly show the text of the law. For an Act as it was passed by the Parliament, or subordinate legislation as it was made, this means the text of the law when it was passed or made. For an authorised reprint, this means the law in force as at the date of the reprint.

Before 2013, the electronic versions of those documents were published on the Queensland Legislation website, but they were not authorised.

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Identifying authorised legislation

All authorised legislation has an authority statement—‘Authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel’. This statement can be found at the end of the legislation with the copyright notice (2013–2015) or in the footer of each page (after 2015).

Electronic reprints published before 2013 are not authorised reprints. These documents have a warning note on the front cover that says ‘This reprint is not an authorised copy’.