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Our annual reports

Annual Report 2020–2021

OQPC reports annually on its progress towards achieving the purposes of the Legislative Standards Act 1992, namely, to ensure that Queensland legislation is of the highest standard; an effective and efficient legislative drafting service is provided for Queensland; and Queensland legislation, and information about it, is readily available in both printed and electronic form.

OQPC's Annual Report 2020–2021 outlines the office's recent achievements in legislative drafting and access to legislation. Highlights for the year, which is the first full financial year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, include—

  • Much of OQPC's drafting, editing and publishing effort during the year was again devoted to COVID-19-related legislation. During successive COVID-19 lockdowns, OQPC demonstrated seamless continuity of service delivery by exclusively electronic means.
  • OQPC delivered the legislation program on time, producing 35 government Bills (1,668 pages), 5 private member Bills (212 pages), 25 amendments for consideration in detail (170 pages) and 234 instruments of subordinate legislation (4,260 pages). There were 834 reprints of consolidated legislation (151,487 pages), of which 80% were published within 3 days of commencement.
  • On 1 June 2021 (OQPC's 29th anniversary), this corporate website <> was launched, replacing a limited corporate web presence on the Queensland legislation website. 
  • OQPC's annual survey of government clients identified that the overall satisfaction with both legislative drafting services and access to legislation was 100% during the reporting period. Surveyed clients are Ministers, Chiefs of Staff, Directors-General and their department's Cabinet Legislation and Liaison Officers and senior policy officers.

Previous annual reports

OQPC's annual reports for each financial year starting from 2002–2003 are available below. These reports document the performance of the office, and trace the changes in its operating environment and strategic priorities, over time.

For the financial years 2012–2013 to 2017–2018, OQPC contributed to the annual reports of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. OQPC's contributions to these reports also appear below.